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March 8, 2021

Desqk Product Roadmap

Built for the industrious creatives of the twenty-twenties

So you, right?

As we gear up for BETA this means we have not entered the market yet with our web app. But that doesn't mean we don't have big plans on the horizon.

With the tech world getting more and more competitive, we thought it would suit us best to take a more methodical, fact based approach to our roll out. Since transparency is one of our values, we never hesitate to share our information with you. Why? Well because why not? Yes there is major competition out there and yes there are a million project management tools already in existence, but there is no Desqk out there but right here. We're different. We stick out like a sore thumb. You won't get one ounce of corporate nonsense from us. (what a relief)

So let's get into the future.

BETA - Coming Soon

Customizable Dashboard - sync select social platforms + third party apps - September 2021

Social Networking Update 2.0 - commenting, friending - November 2021

Community - Groups + Threads - January 2022

Agency Dashboard - March 2022

Business Dashboard - June 2022

Additional Features:

Time Tracking + Invoicing - Late 2022

Job Postings + Escrow Coming Late 2022

AI Personal Assistant - 2023

Are we missing anything? Head back to our community page and give us some feedback on our product roadmap! We are here to make your work/life balance easier.

About Desqk

Desqk is a project management solution for creatives that work with multiple clients and teams, to help keep them organized and on top of their work, so they have more time to enjoy everything they love.

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