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March 6, 2021

Clark Abellon - Freelancer

Desqk has had the privilege to work with various freelancers and agencies while preparing for preview mode. Today we discuss with Clark Abellon, a graphic designer from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. His style, his aesthetic and his general vibe were so aligned with the Desqk vision, so choosing Clark to design our logo was a no brainer.

We DM'd Clark on Instagram to give us a bit of a behind the scenes into his logo development journey.

The Abellon Approach

Objective & Solution

To design an adaptive identity system that consists of black and white aesthetic supported by duotone colour system, text, moving or still images, and graphic elements from the logo mark. The result is a design system that reflects each creative’s personality and essentially what Desqk is all about.

The story of the logo mark came from Desqk’s brand idea - sit where you want. It is an image of a user sitting on a desk (wherever that is) that also forms an abstract “D”. The symbol is simple, yet strong and memorable.


The goal is to create an adaptive minimal identity system that consists of mainly a black and white aesthetic supported by playful shapes and graphic elements. The design system feels very modern and less corporate vibe, fitting for the creatives of the twenty-twenties.

So, what do you think of our logo? Drop us a note and give our buddy Clark some cudos!

About Desqk

Desqk is a project management solution for creatives that work with multiple clients and teams, to help keep them organized and on top of their work, so they have more time to enjoy everything they love.

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