Sit where you want.

We’re on a mission to provide an alternative to the corporate 9-5 tunnel.

We’ve never used a fax machine, and we don’t want to meet around the water cooler to chat weather. We’re the ones that said no to that life and cut our own paths through the bizarre jungle that is work life in the twenty-twenties. We’re the ones that jump in vans and sprint across the country while managing whatever it is that brings home the bacon (or plant based protein alternative). We’re the entrepreneurs, influencers, bloggers, tattoo artists, musicians, managers, industrious creatives of the twenty-twenties that said no to the way things are and decided the way that they would be. We’re the people that care about the planet and the people on that planet, and are trying our best to give back.

We’re not fighting a battle - we’re running a business with a mission to support.

With the nature of the project management space, we felt it was necessary to remove aggressive mindsets from the way we want to run our business. Just like the way we work together and with other freelancers, we believe in a collective approach to supporting people with the desire to stay organized.

Instead of saying what makes us better than others, we will tell you what we like about other platforms. You can decide for yourself which one suits you best. The world is your oyster!

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Great for corporate teams who enjoy easy navigation of tasks.


Amazing for those who enjoy simple organization and who don’t need all the bells and whistles for keeping internal teams organized and aligned.


All the bells and whistles here! The options are endless and great for those you like a lot of choices on how to stay organized without feeling overwhelmed by options.


Great for those who prefer a simple gantt chart for keeping on track. Less is often more!

Why do we choose to not talk trash about fellow project management business?

Well for one, they all offer different people different types of project management! Nobody is a “one size fits all”, so having a plethora of choices ensures everyone has a tool that works for them and a collective support system for encouraging and nurturing freelancers and small businesses. Why do we think this way? Aren’t we worried about being overtaken by the “big guys?” Nah. At the end of the day, there are about a billion freelancers and agencies worldwide which means a great opportunity for us all to be successful. Humanity does better when it is supportive of one another and that’s what we’re going to try and be. There is beauty in having options as a user and platforms can co-exist without the unnecessary battle. Too much of that goes on in the world and we want no part of that.

We are not for everyone, but that is OK.

product Roadmap

An app for the future of freelancing

We've got big plans. Take a look and let us know what you think! Make sure to sign up for our private beta and help us shape the Desqk experience.

Dashboard - sync select social platforms
Networking - commenting, friending
Community - Groups + Threads

Phase One

Dashboard - Agency Dashboard
Dashboard - Business Dashboard
Community - Open Source Resources
Community - Open Source Event Listings
Projects - Open Source Projects Listings

Phase Two

Projects - Time Tracking + Invoicing Coming
Projects - Job Postings + Escrow

Phase three

AI Personal Assistant

Phase four
More on our roadmap

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